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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Long Time Forgotten

If you love local history, you have to see the new book on the Presque Isle Opera House. With the upcoming Sesquicentennial in 2009, this is a wonderful addition to the local history collection in the library.

A Long Time Forgotten by John Llewellyn Hone

About the author, excerpt from the book: "The author was born and raised in Presque Isle and is the grandson of John J. Hone, the owner of the Music Hall and the Presque Isle Opera House and son of Llewellyn Hone who along with his brothers kept the Opera House running. "

The book is filled with wonderful photos, stories, and lots of well documented history. I can guarantee that everyone will find something of interest in this story of the Opera House (well actually three Opera Houses). You'll read about the time period of 1890-1947 and see the development of theater over the years and end with films being shown in the Opera House.

Along the way you will learn about Chautauqua (see page 289 to start) and many other things that will be new and exciting.

Stop in and take a look. Take it home. Enjoy!

The author, John Llewellyn Hone, welcomes comments and discussion with readers and can be reached at:
john821@comcast.net or 15515 Aitcheson Lane, Laurel, Maryland 20707

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Dan Everett said...

"A Long Time Forgotten" is meticulously researched, inventively organized, and very well written. The book is more than just a history of the theaters the Hone family operated for several decades. It also gives the reader a real sense of what it was like to live in Presque Isle during the half century or so the book covers.

John Hone's new book, along with the two recent "Forgotten Times" volumes by Dick Graves, are important contributions to our understanding of a span of time when Presque Isle experienced extraordinary growth and maturity as a small city.