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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Digital Television Information

The deadline to switch from analog broadcasting to digital television has been set for February 17, 2009.

We are all faced with two options:

  1. If you currently receive free over the air programs through an antenna, you can apply for a maximum of two $40 coupons per household to go toward the purchase of a converter box which will change digital signals back to analog. This will allow you to use your current TV and keep everything as is. Expected costs for converter box is approximately $50 - $70. Coupons can be requested by calling 1-888-388-2009 or going online
  2. Own or purchase a TV capable of receiving the digital signals

For more information visit:

DTV Transition


Anonymous said...

I am confused even with all I have read, as to if over-the-air with a converter box really will be just as it is now. Will my VCR continue to work as it does now, changing stations on the timer as it records? Or will I only be able to record one station? And will I still be able to watch one station and record another? Questions, questions and no answers!

Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library said...


There are lots of questions for sure. See if the information below answers yours.

According to the FCC's DTV Info site [http://www.dtv.gov/index.html]:

Can I hook up more than one TV and video recorder to a single digital-to-analog converter box?

You will need one digital-to-analog converter box for each TV set or other device (such as a VCR) that only has an analog tuner. The digital-to-analog converter box basically replaces the analog tuner in one piece of equipment. So if you want to use your analog TV and VCR at the same time (for example, to watch one program and record another simultaneously), you will need two digital-to-analog converter boxes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you that is some help. Sounds like this is going to be expensive... either in converter boxes or new TVs. Good thing I like to read... I foresee less TV viewing in the future!

I still can't determine if changing channels while on a timer will be possible. I'll keep surfing around for that.