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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Small Business and Entrepreneur Resources at the Library

Despite the dreary reports we hear about the current state of the job market, more people are becoming increasingly clever at finding ways to generate income through freelancing, working as an independent contractor, or opening a small and/or home-based business.

Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library has a section of materials dedicated to helping the small business owner get started with everything from information on Schedule C filing and maintaining corporate records to markets for writers/artists/musicians to searchable databases for grants and materials on writing grant proposals. Small business owners can even learn how to leverage social networking sites like Twitter and e-commerce sites like eBay.

Our Library Thing virtual bookshelf shows highlighted materials available for checkout to patrons or through interlibrary loan. Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library is also one of two libraries in Maine to host access to the Foundation Center Directory Online, which holds information about corporate and private grantmakers. The IRS has provided packets of information for small business owners regarding applying for an EIN and many other helpful tax tips. Educator Shawn Savage also offers periodic live two-way teleconferences for entrepreneurs and small business owners about Schedule C and other necessary information.

Rod Thompson from Northern Maine Development Commission has provided electronic packets specific to entrepreneurs in Aroostook County.

To inquire about access to the Foundation Center grant database, conference times with IRS educator Shawn Savage, or any other services or materials from Turner Memorial Library's small business and career resource center, please email Lisa Neal Shaw at lisanealshaw @ presqueislelibrary.org or call (207) 764-2571.

NOTE TO PATRONS: Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library welcomes requests for information and material renewals. To ensure that your request is received and processed, please email pimelibrarian@gmail.com, lisanealshaw@presqueislelibrary.org, diannaleighton@presqueislelibrary.org, or call (207) 764-2571.

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