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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Literary Map of Maine

If you happened to read the Maine Sunday Telegram on August 31st, you would have seen the pull-out section entitled, "A Literary Map of Maine." Many people worked on this project to create this map which lists 50 locations throughout the state and indicates a book set there or a book that was inspired by the location.
Our own town, Presque Isle, is listed with the work, "Almost Maine" by John Cariani.
We have a copy of the map in the library and you can also go online to see it.
An eight member selection committee is listed on the front page. The idea for this project began when Shirley Helfrich, district consultant for the Southern Maine Library District had seen a version of this done in the New York Times as a literary map of Manhattan. Shirley immediately thought that a map of Maine's literary locations would be a worthwhile project.

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